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Our History

Woodson County Courthouse

Who We Are

The Southeast Kansas Regional Planning Commission agency was started in 1966 as part of the Ozarks Regional Commission and in 1971 the SEE-KAN RC&D received approval to create a regional planning and development region. Then, in 1972 the Economic Development administration designated the agency as an Economic Development Division, and the agency's name officially became Southeast Kansas Regional Planning Commission. The City of Cherokee was the very first preliminary grant application that the SEKRPC received, requesting federal assistance for public works. By the end of 1973, the SEKRPC had a total of 18 cities and seven counties that had become members. Today, the SEKRPC operates with two planning and development consultants, with a combined total of 24 years of experience, Executive Director, a Community Liaison and an Executive Assistant and serves a total of 89 cities and 12 counties. The SEKRPC Still operates with an executive board with representatives for all twelve counties that are represented along with a board member at large. The Southeast Kansas Regional Planning Commission still holds the same ultimate goal as always, to improve the quality of life in southeast Kansas. 

At SEKRPC our goal is to improve the quality of life in southeast Kansas by providing the tools to create and retain jobs and increase the services available in our communities. To accomplish this goal, the SEKRPC offers professional development, planning and management services to local governments, and assist in the administration of local programs and projects.

SEKRPC Helps individuals, companies and government agencies with finance packaging advice, and procedures. Our resources are here for community improvement, economic development, and other urgent needs.

Our staff is working hard to better every corner of southeast Kansas with a more productive economy. We have several grant and loan programs in place to do so. The SEKRPC writes grants that include the Community Development Block Grant and the Economic Development Administration's Public Works Grant, which involve our assistance in packaging and administrating funds.

Finally, our revolving loan fund programs help to enhance the quality of life for the residents of the designated counties that the SEKRPC represents.

Contact us today to see how we could help you or your county, city or company.