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Rainbow Bridge - Route 66 Cherokee County

What We Do

  • Chanute's 2 Million Dollar Fiber Improvement
    Chanute's 2 Million Dollar Fiber Improvement

    The City of Chanute was awarded a Connec-tivity Emergency Response Grant (CERG) on September 25, 2020 in the amount of $1,600,000. The city will provide a match of $400,000 for a total project cost of $2,000,000. The CERG grants were created to address the increased need for internet connectivity in Kansas in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. This project will improve connectivity to under-served areas in the City of Chanute to address the needs of telework, telehealth, distance learning and other remote business services. The specific area to be served will cover an area of approximately 400 homes south of 39 HWY, east of the railroad, and north of 8th street. The City will complete the project by December 30th.

  • Fort Scott's Mayco Ace Hardware Facelift through CDBG Commercial Rehabilitation
    Fort Scott's Mayco Ace Hardware Facelift through CDBG Commercial Rehabilitation

    The City of Fort Scott submitted an application to the Community Development Block Grant Downtown Commercial Rehabilitation program on behalf of the business owner for the rehabilitation of 205 Scott Avenue in downtown Fort Scott.
    The purpose of the Commercial Rehabilitation Grant for this location is to replace the roof, upgrade the fa├žade, replace the windows, replace the south entrance door, remove the north end door and replace it with a double sliding door, construct an ADA accessible entrance on the north end consisting of an accessible ramp and sidewall with column adjustments as necessary, construct two accessible restrooms on the north end of the building, install emergency lighting and smoke alarms throughout the main and lower level of the entire building replace 6,000 square feet of ceiling tile that was damaged by roof leakage in the north end and install two emergency fire disconnects in the alley behind the building.
    The estimated project cost is $299,250.00, the City of Fort Scott on behalf of the business owner has been awarded a grant in the amount of $224,437.00 with the building owner contributing the remaining cost of the project. The construction is set to begin in early spring 2021 and will be completed by no later then August of 2022. Pictures of the current building are above.

  • Coffeyville Sidewalk Reconstruction
    Coffeyville Sidewalk Reconstruction

    The Coffeyville Sidewalk Project is a CDBG Community Facilities grant won in 2020.
    The project is for ADA compliant sidewalk improvements on both sides of 10th Street from Gilliam St. to Camden St. ADA compliant curb ramps have been previously installed in this area as part of a separate project and the proposed sidewalk will connect to these ramps.
    The projects scope of work includes removing and replacing approximately 4,500 linear feet of existing dilapidated and non-ADA compliant sidewalk, constructing new ADA com-pliant sidewalk, and connecting the new sidewalk to existing driveways and curb ramps. All new sidewalk will be constructed at a 5-foot width. Sidewalk will be 4 inches thick cast in place concrete constructed over compacted crushed stone. The cross slope of the proposed sidewalk will be 2% maxi-mum, with the running slope paralleling the slope of the existing roadway. An estimated quantity of 2,800 square yards of new concrete will be placed. Construction occurred in the Summer and Fall of 2020 and is currently being completed
    The total project cost is estimated at $537,000 with a CDBG grant awarded in the amount of $268,500.