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Rainbow Bridge - Route 66 Cherokee County

What We Do

In order to achieve our goals, we are engaged in a series of initiatives to raise awareness for our cause.

Through our annual campaigns we are able to introduce new bills into legislation and make a difference.

  • Caney Gets a 2.2 Million Dollar Pool
    Caney Gets a 2.2 Million Dollar Pool

    In June of 2019 a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) for One Million Dollars was awarded to the City Of Caney for their 3,300 square foot pool project. The total of the project is $2,208,000 and will include a zero entry pool, deck, bathhouse, fence and the installation of the necessary filters and operational equipment for cleaning and disinfecting the pool. The new pool will range in depth from 0 feet to 11 feet, include a 1 meter dive board, be surrounded by 5,500 square feet of concrete deck and enclosed by a 6 foot high fence. The bathhouse will be approximately 990 square feet, will include all of the necessary restroom fixtures, a small concession area and a ticket booth. The total budget of the project included the removal of the existing pool, bathhouse and mechanical building. See above for pictures of the project in progress. The Southeast Kansas Regional Planning Commission has enjoyed working with the City of Caney and administering the grant.