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Community Development Block Grant Application and Administration

The SEKRPC Staff is knowledgeable and trained to work with communities on community improvement such as Community Development Block Grant application and administration. Projects that qualify for CDBG Community Improvement funding must have a project that fits the following guidelines. The CDBG project that the community is applying for grant funding to support must benefit low-to-moderate income (LMI) households, or must work toward the elimination of slums and blight, or the elimination of urgent threats to health and safety of the citizens. Projects with less than 5,000 beneficiaries may apply for up to $600,000.00 and projects with more then 5,000 beneficiaries may apply for up to $800,000.00 or $2,000.00 per beneficiary up to the levels stated. A dollar for dollar match is encouraged in the CDBG Community Facilities and Water/Sewer categories, and a minimum 25% match is mandatory. CDBG Community facilities and Water/Sewer funding categories do have many eligible activities, however CDBG funds are not eligible for city halls or police stations. These funds are often used for water or sewer improvements, fire stations, senior centers, community centers, childcare centers and more.  Applications for CDBG funding are due each fall, and only Kansas cities and counties are eligible to apply. 


  • Deadline extended! Applications for the 2024 annual competition are now due 9/30/2024.  (Community centers, Parks, Sidewalks, Daycares, ADA improvements, Youth Job training)


  • Applications for the rolling rounds are accepted through 12/2/2024. (Housing rehabilitation, Commercial rehabilitation, Economic developent, Urgent need, Regional water improvements)