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CDBG Commercial Rehabilitation Application and Administration

SEKRPC  also offers their help with applications and administration on CDBG Downtown Commercial Rehabilitation Program grants. The purpose of the CDBG Downtown Commercial Rehabilitation Program grants is to help cities improve the quality of their downtown commercial districts by assisting private property owners in the rehabilitation of blighted structures. These rehabilitation efforts may include the improvement of the exterior of the building, the abatement of asbestos hazards, the evaluation of lead-based paint hazards, and the reduction and correction of code violations. The CDBG funds may be used for the rehabilitation, preservation or restoration of historic properties. The application for these CDBG funds is an open window, with the following restrictions in place; The maximum grant amount is $300,000.00, the minimum match requirement is 25% of project cost met by a cash match from a private source, the application is limited to one building, which must be currently owned or have an option to purchase condition upon CDBG funding, and the CDBG funds will be recaptured if the property owner sells the building within three years of the project close out or if the committed business entity does not move into the building. Contact the SEKRPC office for more information about applying for the CDBG Downtown Commercial Rehabilitation Program funding. 

These are rolling round grants with applications accepted January 29-December 2, 2024.