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CDBG Commercial Rehabilitation Grants Open for Application

SEKRPC administers Community Development Block Grants (CDBG) for businesses and municipalities including Economic Development, Commercial Rehabilitation, Community Facilities, Water and Sewer, Housing and Urgent Needs. 
    The CDBG Commercial Rehabilitation application period for 2021 opens in early January and will be open until early December 2021 or until Kansas Department of Commerce has expended all funds available for the program. 
    The purpose of Commercial Rehabilitation grants is to help cities improve the quality of their downtown commercial districts by assisting private property owners in the rehabilitation of blighted buildings. It is hoped that strategic investment of grant funds will help prevent the spread of blighted conditions to other nearby structures.
    A Commercial Rehabilitation grant does require a minimum match of 25% of the project cost and the match must come from a private source. These grants have a maximum amount of $250,000 available and they must be used for slum and blight or for a business to reach a LMI (Low-to-Moderate Income) Objective. The projects may address the issues of rehabilitation, historic preservation or renovation and are limited to one building which must be in a downtown commercial district. 
    For more information pertaining to the CDBG Commercial Rehabilitation program or other CDBG programs, please contact our office at (620) 431-0080 or or visit